Do you really know your audience?

The ticketing solution
for the cultural sector


Reach more customers and sell more tickets


Actionable insights about your customers


Isn’t it nice when software is fun to use?

"Culture is created to be seen, heard and felt"


Reach. Your. Audience.

Culture is created to be enjoyed by the audiences. Make sure your marketing efforts reach the public in the most effective way. Get to know your audience better and reach them with the right message.


We go beyond ticketing.

We don’t simply sell your tickets. We provide data insights  that will help you understand your business and your audience – and most of all: we help you reach new audiences and sell more tickets than you currently do.


Hello, User Friendly &
Time-Saving Software

Software and systems should make your life easier and save time. Not cost time. Beyond Tickets has a user friendly interface and our API integrates with the systems you use – like your bookkeeping software and your suppliers.


The Best Deal

Well, yes. We are also offering our products at a very sharp price. 

But let’s talk about more exciting things than money. Let’s talk about data, growth and our cultural revolution.
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