Behind the scenes at Beyond Tickets

This year, Ticketing Group has made its entrance with two new ventures: Beyond Tickets and A cultural enterprise with a mission: ‘Flourishing the cultural participation in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and eventually Europe.’ This is a bold and ambitious mission that Ticketing Group strives for. Although, the true question is: how can technology unite supply and demand within the cultural sector? Robert van Hunsel, CEO, will tell us all about the mission, vision and the passion behind Ticketing Group.

De nieuwe ticketing solution voor de culturele sector

A new ticketing solution for the cultural sector, how did this all start?

I began in 2017 as the COO for the film distributor Cinemien. I noticed that the movie sector was not up to date with the latest tech possibilities. We still spent a lot of money on out of home campaigns. We mainly printed posters and cards, instead of being active on social media. Before joining Cinemien I was active, amongst my other ventures, in the music industry and after that I was a partner at a design- and branding agency.. Without any experience within the film industry, I started noticing that it was a sector where I could make an impact. I saw a lot of opportunities to improve and help this sector, to let it grow by the use of new technologies.

Did you encounter any issues along the way? 

The one thing that struck me the most, was the lack of functioning digital infrastructure. This was also something that held the sector back in a way. Effective digital communication and data insights was something the industry was missing. Besides that, movie theaters as well as the film distributors, were working with outdated ticketing solutions. From these opportunities, Ticketing Group was born.

Why did you choose this path?

Filmdistributeurs nemen risico’s om de rechten van films te kopen en te distribueren. Daarnaast, zijn distributeurs afhankelijk van bioscopen voor de verkoop van tickets en het bereiken van hun publiek. Ook wilden wij naast feedback van filmcritici, het publiek zelf de kans geven om feedback te delen. Deze overwegingen hebben ertoe geleid zowel Beyond Tickets, als te starten en vraag en zo aanbod bij elkaar te brengThe risk that film distributors take, is buying the rights of a film and distributing them. Also, distributors depend on cinemas with regards to selling tickets and reaching the audience. Furthermore, we wanted more feedback. We wanted to create a chance for the audience to be heard and to let them share their experiences. These shortages led to the start of Beyond Tickets and, to bring supply and demand together.

Were there any challenges along the way?

Soon after we started, we discovered that there was no ticketing solution we could improve or build upon. Therefore, we chose to build a new ticketing solution from scratch. This meant that we needed great developers, who are unfortunately hard to find. However, we managed to built a great team of developers from all over the world. Another challenge was the lack of IT skills and entrepreneurial initiatives from cinemas and cultural institutions.

Which opportunities did you identify?

We found a lot of possibilities to make an impact with our ticketing solution in the cultural sector. We can make the cultural institutions work more efficient. A consumer platform was another opportunity which we saw. A unique consumer platform, active throughout the whole cultural sector in The Netherlands and internationally. Such a central place didn’t exist, there was no place yet where people could be inspired and discover new cultural activities. With we are creating this central place.

How did you start to implement the ideas?

Our strategy for the new ticketing solution was to create a new system with a couple of pilot customers. We spent a lot of time with customers learning about their current infrastructures and collecting their feedback to create a better solution that fits to their needs.

What do you hope to achieve with your products?

We want to realize our mission: increasing the cultural participation. We hope to make an impact on the cultural sector by combining supply and demand.

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