New features Beyond Tickets

At Beyond Tickets, we are optimising and improving our ticketing solution every day. We’ll take you through our latest updates.
  • Doors open time

This new feature makes it possible to include a ‘Doors open time’, when creating an event. The ‘Doors open time’ is divided between a ‘Before time’ and an ‘After time’. The given time will appear in the Client portal, the planning of the cash register, the email containing the ticket, and the ticket display.

  • Scan progress bar

The ‘Scan progress bar’ will show you the amount of tickets sold, scanned, and the capacity of a room in your scanner display. We received very useful feedback from multiple clients regarding our scan information.  We bundled the feedback and processed it into this great feature.

  • Privacy URL, Terms and Conditions

It is important to secure the privacy of our users. Therefore, we added a link to the online check-out which leads to the privacy policy and the terms and conditions.

  • Loyalty-card

Loyalty-cards can now be sold directly from the cash register as a product to new subscribers. Moreover, the subscription of the loyalty-card can be extended at the cash register.

  • Adding new users

In the new update the process of adding new users had been simplified. The administrative steps are made more flexible and easier with this upgrade.

  • Adding new roles

The new update introduces permission sets. With the permission set, it is easy to give every user its own role with its own possibilities. This is all possible with a simple drag and drop system.